About Us

The 2018 PME-NA Local Organizing Committee is comprised of mathematics education faculty members from the University of South Carolina and Clemson University. This year’s conference is a collaborative endeavor of these institutions.

Local Organizing Committee Co-Chairs

  • Thomas Hodges, University of South Carolina
  • George Roy, University of South Carolina
  • Andy Tyminski, Clemson University

The Steering Committee is the governing body of and is responsible for managing PME-NA. It is composed of both elected and appointed members. The Steering Committee is composed of nine members-at-large elected by the Membership, including at least one member from each of Canada, Mexico, and the United States. These members serve staggered three-year terms of office, with typically three elected each year. In addition, the Graduate Student Membership elects two graduate student members each year for a term of one year.

Steering Committee Members

A list of steering committee members is available at this link.